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For anybody having problem with missing watchfaces:
Get Beta Access to download Beta version Updates. (Android only)

Here’s the link to opt in beta version (Old Pebble app)…/test…/ (Pebble Time app)

Then check here if your update is ready (takes a while)
Old Pebble App:…

Pebble Time :…

If you want to see what’s changed (Change Log/Version History) please join
Pebble Android Beta Forum in Google Groups!forum/pebble-android-beta

Pebble App Apk:
You can also download and install the apk provided below as a last resort if you somehow did’t get beta updates.

Pebble Time :…/…

Old Pebble App:
I haven’t exported the apk yet


Written by thomaschandra

Agustus 3, 2017 at 5:00 am

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